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No more tangled mop or braiding your hair forever just because you’re going for a ride!

Its as easy as putting on a jacket with the game-changing new helmet accessory from Hightail.

Hightail is the only product that effortlessly keeps hair tangle-free during and after a ride. The innovative pocket design creates a protected space for hair, without binding it or keeping it close to your head, and shields hair from breakage and the elements. Hightail stays fixed to your helmet, so simply tuck your hair into the pocket and you’re good to go. No tangles, no hassle!

This is a unisex product, coz men with luscious locks wanna look good too.

  • Easy installation onto your helmet
  • The spandex pocket protects hair without binding or flattening
  • Stays attached to your helmet, so there’s no risk of leaving it behind
  • Unique adhesive and clip design
  • Flexible frame fits most brands and styles of motorcycle helmet
  • Classic black and white styling to suit any colour helmet
  • Additional mounting-clip sold separately so you can transfer the Hightail protector clip between your helmets





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